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Introducing iBuying, also known as instant buying, a convenient solution for homeowners to quickly sell their properties without the burdensome tasks of listing, staging, or hosting open houses.

eXp ExpressOffers iBuying Program

Not all iBuying programs are created equal, particularly when comparing them to eXp Realty’s remarkable iBuying program, ExpressOffers. While other iBuying programs often leave sellers in an impersonal and unsupported environment, ExpressOffers sets itself apart by ensuring that sellers are paired with a certified and well-trained eXp Realty agent who specializes in the ExpressOffers program. This unique approach guarantees that sellers, if they wish, receive dedicated representation from an eXp agent who prioritizes their fiduciary interests and assists them in carefully weighing the advantages of both options: iBuying or listing their home on the open market.

The ExpressOffers Selling Process:

To initiate the selling process through ExpressOffers, homeowners simply need to submit a request on
Next, an eXp Realty agent who possesses the necessary certification in iBuying is carefully selected and assigned to the seller. This agent ensures that the seller is provided with comprehensive disclosure and expert guidance throughout every step of the process.
In addition to assisting their existing and potential clients, eXp agents also have the ability to submit properties on their clients’ behalf.
The eXp agent then submits the seller’s request to a range of institutional buyers who have expressed interest in purchasing homes.
It’s important to note that certain properties may qualify for submission to multiple buyers, potentially resulting in multiple attractive cash offers.

Advantages for Sellers: ExpressOffers offers sellers a range of benefits, ensuring a quick and hassle-free sale for cash, especially in situations that require a more assertive approach compared to the traditional market route. Throughout the process, sellers are accompanied by a certified eXp ExpressOffers agent who provides detailed explanations and facilitates a thorough comparison between the advantages of an ExpressOffer and the alternative of listing on the open market. When utilizing ExpressOffers, sellers only need to cover the listing side of the commission, eliminating the buyer’s agent commission. There are no additional costs, such as “convenience fees” or hidden charges associated with using ExpressOffers. By opting for ExpressOffers, sellers gain speed, convenience, and control, alleviating the uncertainties commonly associated with traditional sales. Furthermore, ExpressOffers offers flexibility in terms, allowing sellers to select their desired closing date according to their preferences.

ExpressOffers is accessible across all 50 U.S. states, and the platform currently boasts a robust network of over 105 qualified institutional investors prepared to present offers.