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Preparing to buy an affordable home in San Diego is a multi-step process. One of the first steps is to determine the house payments that make you comfortable. This affordability calculator will give you a ballpark estimate of what “affordable San Diego homes” means.  There are affordable homes in San Diego.  The listings of homes for sale at the bottom of this page are a good place to start. Some people decide that larger homes further inland make the most sense on price-per-square-foot basis.  Other people decide that small condos near the beach in San Diego are the most affordable homes. It really comes down to a lifestyle decision. Review the questions below to decide what’s really important to you before you decide to buy a home in San Diego. Although homes in San Diego are expensive, in exchange for the higher real estate prices we get to live in America’s finest city!

Preparing to Buy a Home In San Diego:

    • Ask yourself: “Why is it important to me to buy a home in San Diego?” Have you always wanted to live near the beach?  If so, what is important to you about living near the beach?  Is it financial security? If so, what would you do differently if you had financial security? … Why is doing those things important to you?… When you get to the heart of the matter, it opens up a whole realm of possibilities that you may not have otherwise considered. These are answers that an affordability calculator cannot provide. It is important that the affordable San Diego homes that you find will fit with your lifestyle objectives.
Condos and townhouses are some of the most affordable San Diego homes.
Condos and townhouses are some of the most affordable San Diego homes.
  • Pull together financial information. What is your income, debt, future employment and income potential, and source of down payment?  Are there debts that you can pay off before you buy your San Diego home? Is your job stable with good upward mobility?
  • Ask your personal San Diego real estate consultant to refer a mortgage broker or lender for loan pre-approval. It is important to select a lender that you can depend upon when closing date approaches. Don’t be taken in by a lender who promises a great rate and then disappears when the transaction deadlines approach! If you do not have a personal relationship with a reliable mortgage broker or lender, ask us for a referral, or ask a friend or co-worker to help get you started.
  • Go to a few open houses and see what is available in the areas where you would like to live.  Do you like the urban energy of Downtown San Diego condos, or are you more the quiet type who would enjoy La Jolla real estate?
  • Itemize your requirements in a home. What are the features, styles, and layouts that appeal to you most?  Are you willing to pay more for larger living area or would you be just as happy with a town home condo near the beach in San Diego?
  • Contact a Real Estate Consultant.  The San Diego Realty Pros are not just salespeople.  We help our clients through a lifetime of personal San Diego real estate decisions. It is important to us that you succeed with your real estate investment and, more important, that you enjoy your life here in San Diego!

The process of buying affordable homes in San Diego is a lot easier when you plan ahead.  This means clarifying your objectives, choosing the right Realtor and real estate support team. A well-rounded team includes the Realtor, property inspectors, termite company, repair technicians, escrow officer, title representative, real estate attorney, and accountant.  A good San Diego real estate agent will already have teams in place. That is teams-plural because the makeup of the team will vary depending upon the objective.  If you are considering entry-level condos, San Diego foreclosures, or fixer properties you will have different needs than a San Diego luxury homes buyer.  Choice of property inspectors and other specialists depends upon the type and condition of the property, and the choice of lender depends upon the type of mortgage loan needed (Conventional, VA, FHA, Jumbo).